Fixed Site System and In-Place Filter Testing

The Test Reliability & Evaluation Branch (TREB) has the ability to design, field, and test Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) filtration systems for fixed sites, overseas operation buildings, vehicular platforms, and facilities including military dorms and chemistry labs. From systems initial design and development to systems sustainment, CCDC Chemical Biological Center offers a “cradle to grave” solution for the armed forces against CBRN attacks. Systems sustainment includes development of system/design requirement, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and protocols, process validation, In-place Certification Testing, and filters monitoring for CBRN filtration systems.

In-Place Certification Testing of installed CBRN filters for government laboratories, vehicles, and fixed sites both home and abroad can be performed. This testing certifies that the entire filtration system is capable of protecting against a CBRN attack. These systems are evaluated in accordance with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) N510/N511 procedures for mechanical leaks using portable (polydispersed polyalphaolfin) aerosol generators/detectors and nondestructive gas simulants (non-Ozone depleting fluorocarbons) using electron capture chromatographic detection methods. The In-Place Leakage Test is not a life test, but is required to evaluate the CBRN filtration system for proper filter installation, and carbon/particulate damage.

  • Requirements Development
  • Prototype Design Concepts
  • Design and Integration
  • Production and Installation
  • Develop Test Protocols and Standard Operating Procedures
  • CBRN System Test / Design
  • Facility/System Certification Tests
  • Airlock Tests
  • Design & Drawing Review
  • ASME N510
  • ASME N511
  • ASME AG-1