Filter Evaluation

The Test Reliability & Evaluation Branch (TREB) specializes in fixed installation, vehicular and individual protection of Chemical-Biological Defense filters, ensuring efficient filter performance.

Gas filters are destructively evaluated for nerve agent gas life using the simulant Dimethyl- methylphosphonate (DMMP). The use of DMMP allows for expanded testing with little risk and at a fraction of the cost associated with chemical warfare agent testing. DMMP gas life values can be correlated to nerve agent life.

HEPA filters are non-destructively evaluated for filtration efficiency by challenging with a 0.3 micrometer polyalphaolfin (PAO) aerosol. Upstream and downstream particles are laser sized and counted to determine filter efficiency. The Low Flow Alternative Test System (LFATS) capable of measuring particle size as small as 0.10 micrometers is utilized for this testing. The durability and design performance of the HEPA and gas filter in rough terrain can be determined by the rough handler test and other environmental tests.

CCDC Chemical Biological Center Engineering conducts performance tests on various types of gas and HEPA filters and CBRN systems in compliance with military standards, ASME N510 and ASME AG-1 requirements.

  • Perform gas filter life testing on: M12, M18, M48A1, M49, M98 filter set, HSFC, Type II Trays and Gas Phase Adsorber Cells using DMMP
  • Perform HEPA filter aerosol penetration efficiency testing and resistance to pressure testing
  • Perform ASME AG-1 Qualified Product List (QPL) qualification testing of HEPA filters and media
  • Perform prototype evaluation, FAT, product lot acceptance, and surveillance testing in accordance with DoD military standards and Commercial specifications.
  • Manage the QPL database for DoD, DOE and Commercial Customers
  • Q262/Q223 DMMP Gas Life Tester for CP and IP
  • Q242 DMMP Gas Life Tester for Recirculation Filters
  • Q262A1, Q262A2
  • Rough Handler
  • Q233 Low Flow HEPA Filter Efficiency Tester
  • High Flow Alternate Test System (HFATS) HEPA Filter Efficiency Tester
  • Q160 Wet Overpressure Tester
  • Q110 Filter Rough Handler
  • Environmental Chambers