2019 CBD S&T Conference

The U.S. Army Combat Capabilities and Development Command Chemical Biological Center is presenting its innovative ideas for chemical and biological defense November 18-21 during the 2019 Chemical and Biological Defense Science & Technology Conference hosted by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency.

Below you will find the schedule of our posters and presentations during the conference. If you would like to speak with one of our experts, stop by booth #1 during the conference.

Schedule of Events


19 NOV 2019Angelini, DanielEffect of Chemical Warfare Agent Simulants on Endothelial Barrier FunctionT159Download PDF
19 NOV 2019Bernhards, CoryThe BioACER Project: Biological Automated Collector/Detector for Expeditionary ReconnaissanceT61Download PDF
19 NOV 2019Bottiger, MaxwellATAK Plugin for UAS Control Using ISAT176Download PDF
19 NOV 2019Broadway, KatherineUltrafast Photonic PCR-Based Biothreat Surveillance DeviceT71Download PDF
19 NOV 2019Colgan, MarkArray Configured of Remote Network Sensors (ACoRNS)T77Download PDF
19 NOV 2019Dorsey, RussOrgans-on-a-Chip, Cardiotoxicity of VX and Fentanyl Following Liver MetabolismT172Download PDF
19 NOV 2019Emm, EdwardModification of the 250 Liter Whole Body Aerosol Exposure System to Accommodate Large Particle Aerosol StudiesT99Download PDF
19 NOV 2019Goralski, TylerCharacterizing the GPCR-Ome Target Profile of Emerging Chemical Agents With PRESTO-TANGOT174Download PDF
19 NOV 2019Horsmon, JenniferRapid Chemical Threat Assessment Using High-Throughput Screening in the ZebrafishT161Download PDF
19 NOV 2019Kesavan, JanaDecay of Single and Clusters of Bacillus Anthracis Sterne Spores Exposed to UV-C and Solar LightT89Download PDF
19 NOV 2019Love, CourtneyEffects of Organophosphate Pesticides on In Vitro Growth and Phenotypes of ActinomycetesT82Download PDF
19 NOV 2019Lux, MatthewPaper-Based Cell-Free Sensors to Detect Warfighter ThreatsT193Download PDF
19 NOV 2019Mach, PhillipOld Mass Spectrometer New Tricks: Two-Dimensional MS/MS Scans on a Linear Ion TrapT81Download PDF
19 NOV 2019Mantooth, BrentLaboratory to Field: Characterizing Decontamination Effectiveness Through Exposure AssessmentsT25Download PDF
19 NOV 2019McBride, Ethan Rapid Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry Method for Targeted Quantitation of Human Performance Metabolites in SalivaT141Download PDF
19 NOV 2019McCaskey, DavidNovel Glovebox and Exposure Chamber Design to Conduct Full Emersion Aerosol Testing of Large Items With Super Toxic MaterialsT27Download PDF
19 NOV 2019McDonald, NathanIncorporating Synthetic Gene Circuits to Develop Whole-Cell Biosensors for the Environmental Detection of Organophosphate Pesticide ResiduesT177Download PDF
19 NOV 2019Miklos, Aleksandr“Paper On Demand” Printing of Custom Threat AssaysT74Download PDF
19 NOV 2019Pinto, NirmalaIntegrating IP SPM, DECON SPM, and NFDHM for Operationally Relevant Modeling of Warfighter Hazard Risk in the Presence of CBRN-Contaminated VehiclesT31Download PDF
19 NOV 2019Rivers, BryanVerification and Validation of the Genedrive BioPlex Assays in the Presence of Matrix, Interferent, and Suspicious PowdersT63Download PDF
19 NOV 2019Sekowski, JenniferThe Pocket Detection Pouch (PDP): Rapid, Field-Forward Detection of Synthetic OpioidsT53Download PDF
20 NOV 2019Barile, BenjaminInitial MIST-Based Validation of the Individual Protection System Performance Model (IP SPM) for Predicting Protective Garment Ensemble PerformanceW185Download PDF
20 NOV 2019Cabalo, JerryEnhanced Ultraviolet Photodiodes for Biological Aerosol Sensors (eUPBAS)W16Download PDF
20 NOV 2019Creasy, WilliamMXene/Titania Nanocomposite Fibers for Photoreaction StudiesW137Download PDF
20 NOV 2019D'Onofrio, TerrenceNovel Methodology for Measuring Protective Performance of Seams and ClosuresW158Download PDF
20 NOV 2019D'Onofrio, TerrenceRelationship Between Challenge and Breakthrough Measurements of Chemical Warfare Agents During Evaluation of Chemical Protection EnsemblesW163Download PDF
20 NOV 2019Garibay, SergioSingle-Component Frameworks for Heterogeneous Catalytic Hydrolysis of Organophosphorous Compounds in Pure WaterW143Download PDF
20 NOV 2019Hawbaker, NeilApproaches for Chemical Wide Area DecontaminationW129Download PDF
20 NOV 2019Kendig, CodyAn Evaluation of a Prototype Wearable Respirator Protection Assessment SystemW182Download PDF
20 NOV 2019Landers, JohnSolid Polymer-Peroxide Complexes for the Detoxification of Chemical Warfare Agent and Fentanyl AnaloguesW155Download PDF
20 NOV 2019Lloyd, JohnNovel Methodology for Measuring Effectiveness of Anti-fog Coatings on M50 Protective Mask Lens SetsW144Download PDF
20 NOV 2019Lux, MatthewAntimicrobial Resistance Defeat of Multiple Threats Through Retargeting of a Common Phage ScaffoldW92Download PDF
20 NOV 2019McEntee, Monica Sarin on Defective Metal-Organic Framework UiO-66: An Infrared Spectroscopy Combined With Density Functional Theory StudyW148Download PDF
20 NOV 2019Myers, JosephLarge Scale Evaluation of the Sprayable Decontaminant SlurryW128Download PDF
20 NOV 2019Myers, JosephChemical Hot Air Decontamination of Personal EffectsW135Download PDF
20 NOV 2019Pearl, ThomasDelineation of Chemical Retention Mechanisms for Liquid Contaminants Exposed to Polymeric CoatingsW126Download PDF
20 NOV 2019Pinto, NirmalaIntegrating IP SPM, DECON SPM, and NFDHM for Operationally Relevant Modeling of Warfighter Hazard Risk in the Presence of CBRN-Contaminated VehiclesW117Download PDF
20 NOV 2019Rastogi, VipinEfficacy of Virucidal Chemicals Against Enveloped and Non-enveloped VirusesW110Download PDF
20 NOV 2019Rastogi, VipinA Novel Broad-Spectrum CB DecontaminantW131Download PDF
20 NOV 2019Smallwood, StefanieEfficacy of Shipboard Countermeasure Washdown System Against Chemical Warfare AgentsW107Download PDF
20 NOV 2019Stevenson, ShawnNovel Technologies for Personnel DecontaminationW120Download PDF
20 NOV 2019Sweat, MelissaEvaluation of Contact Transfer of Chemical Agents From Contaminated Surfaces to Personal Protective EquipmentW111Download PDF


19 NOV 20191030-1050Junior Ballroom CPredictive Toxicology at CCDC Chemical Biological CenterGlover, Kyle
20 NOV 20190930 - 0950Junior Ballroom BRemote Common CBRN Sensor Controller (RCCSC) for WinTAKSchafer, Robert
20 NOV 20191030-1050Room 232
Evaluation of DARPA Laser UV Sources for Tactically Efficient RamanCabalo, Jerry
20 NOV 20191330-1350Junior Ballroom CFull Spectrum Respiratory Protection SystemSampson, Jonathan
20 NOV 20191410 - 1430Junior Ballroom D Detection of Ricin and Abrin Toxin by Laboratory-Based and Portable Direct Analysis in Real-Time Mass Spectrometry (DART-MS)Sekowski, Jennifer
20 NOV 2019
1430 - 1450Junior Ballroom D Determination of Relative Thermal Stability and Identification of Breakdown Products From Fentanyl and Carfentanil for Hazard AssessmentMcGuire, Jeffrey
20 NOV 20191450-1510Junior Ballroom D Evaluation of Contaminant Absorption and Decontamination Process Impacts due to Presence of Agent ImpuritiesPearl, Thomas
20 NOV 20191510 - 1530Junior Ballroom CMetal-Organic Framework-Polymer Composites for Enhanced CWA ProtectionPeterson, Greg
21 NOV 20191350 - 1410Junior Ballroom B
Machine Learning Based Alarm Algorithm Frameworks for Chemical DetectorsRiley, Patrick
21 NOV 20191410 - 1430Junior Ballroom CCharacterizing Decontamination Efficacy on Complex Panels With Real-Time Atmospheric Pressure Mass Spectroscopy
Hawbaker, Neil
21 NOV 20191430 - 1450Junior Ballroom C
Decontamination System Performance Model: Model Development and Application to Sprayable Decontaminant Slurry TechnologyVarady, Mark
21 NOV 20191510 - 1530
Junior Ballroom C
Tactical Disablement Reactions for Chemical Weapons Destruction at Medium (100 mL) ScaleCreasy, William

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