The College Qualified Leader Program

The College Qualified Leaders (CQL) program matches practicing ECBC scientists with talented undergraduate students creating a direct mentor-student relationship that provides participants with training that is unparalleled at most colleges. CQL participants receive first-hand research experience and exposure to Department of Defense laboratories. CQL fosters desire in its participants to pursue further training and careers in STEM.

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  • Receive a stipend based on your experience and education level
  • Work personally with scientists or engineers doing real life research
  • Do research in Department of Defense laboratories
  • Have the opportunity to present your research to your peers


  • Must be a U.S. citizen or permanent legal resident
  • Must be enrolled in an undergraduate program with a major in a STEM related field
  • Must be within the local commuting area
  • Note: Graduate students are not eligible to apply

The CQL internship at ECBC is available for the summer only.  Students are required to travel to and from the program site daily.  The program does not supply an allowance for housing, meals or travel reimbursement.

Important Dates:

November 1
Summer Program Applications Open

February 28
Summer Program Applications Close

March 1 – March 31
Applications Reviewed

April 1 – April 31
AAS notified by universities and labs of confirmed participants

May 1
Notification process of selections & non-selections to students begin

May 1 – May 31
Welcome letters to students, mentors & lab coordinators

June 24 – 16 August 2019
Summer Apprenticeships – Weekly notices to students, mentors/directors/lab coordinators

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